HIROTO-YA known as Organic farm. We provide low potassium vegetables with stable quality and secured safety.

Tender Vegetables

What is Tender Vegetables of HIROTO-YA?

What is Tender Vegetables of HIROTO-YA?

This is Nago City, Okinawa.

Vegetables are grown healthy in plant factory.

They are grown by human hand, not by soil.

The texture is light and crispy, and taste is mild.

That is our pride.

We watch over and grow them with care.

Take the time and pay attention to vegetables.

It doesn’t need to wash before eating, this means it can be eaten straight from the package.

That is convenient for busy person living in city.

Any time anywhere, if you want

Not just one of the vegetables,

The product recognized as high function and easy to eat vegetables.

That is what we are aiming at.

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