HIROTO-YA known as Organic farm. We provide low potassium vegetables with stable quality and secured safety.

Safe and trusted HIROTO-YA’s Vegetable Factory

Safe and trusted plant factory

We grow the fresh organic vegetables such as lettuce, sweet basil. It has good reputation from customers who is concerned with food safety and “Locally-grown and locally-consumed”. Our organic lettuces and other leaf vegetables are sold on a regular basis at the Farmers Market in Nago City.

HIROTO-YA plant factory

Thorough quality control

Our organic vegetables are grown from seed to harvest in 35 days by controlling temperature and humidity indoors. This is about 10 days earlier than outdoor culture.

Commodious plant factory

The area of factory is about 66 square meters. Leaf vegetables such as lettuce growing on hydroponic system.

HIROTO-YA Business partner



●Ryukyu Dining YAMORIYA


●YANBARUNOMORI(Forest of Yanbaru)



● Trattoria Piazzale

●AJ Hotels



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