HIROTO-YA known as Organic farm. We provide low potassium vegetables with stable quality and secured safety.


Okinawa vegetables

This is Nago City, Okinawa.
Vegetables are grown healthy in plant factory.
They are grown by human hand, not by soil.
The texture is light and crispy, and taste is mild.
That is our pride.


We grow the vegetables carefully and heartily.

HIROTO-YA’s vegetable are grown in factory, which is well managed sanitation.
We always pay attention to produce, and we don’t spare any effort for it.
Put our hearts into each and every one of them.
Our vegetables are convenient and easy to eat. And it is acknowledge as high functionality.
The vegetable grown by us in Okinawa.
In the house, school, office,
Please enjoy it anywhere at any time.

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